RegisterThere are many seasons to earn ZO Tokens. However, each season has only 3 processes, Sowing -> Gardening -> Harvest . Please read the explanation below.
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Overview of how ZOFI works

In the ZOFI world, participants will earn ZO by using USD token to buy ZU in ZU-Market. Then use ZU to build a farm and start registering to earn ZO. The ZU after building the farm will be counted as the farm area. You can optionally expand or sell the area to recover the ZU you invested.

After successfully registering to earn ZO, your farm can start waiting for the seasons to pass to harvest ZO. Each season there will be 3 activities which are Sowing => Gardening => Harvesting, farms can register in any activity however when registering in the Gardening activity, your farm will not be able to receive rewards during the next Harvest activity and must wait for the new season to occur (refer to Rights & Rules)

The amount of ZO bonus in a season is usually worth 1% of the total area of farms participating in the season and is calculated according to the current ZO price to pay to the farms. Each farm will calculate its own reward according to each farm's own reward rate.

You can use ZO to collect NFTs and attach them to your farm to increase your farm level and title. Each title corresponds to different investment strategies and creates competition between farms, so levels and titles can change continuously if many farms participate.

Use the investment planning tool to plan your goals before joining ZOFI.

Note: When participating in seasons, you can leave at any time, but if you leave during Gardening, you will be charged a 10% area fee. If you leave during Sowing or Harvesting, you will be free.


All seasonal activities are usually divided into 3 states: Sowing, Gardening, Harvesting. The list below is the usual times for activities.

SowingAfter Harvesting closesAfter Gardening opens
GardeningMondayFriday or Saturday
HarvestingAfter Gardening closesAfter Sowing opens

* Profits can be stacked if the Harvest and Sow activities are not activated on the weekend. The longer the Gardening activity lasts, the higher the profits will be paid. The maximum time for a Gardening activity is 1 month.

Rights and Rules

Depending on the season's activities will require permissions and rules for investors. Please see the list below.

Sowing and Harvesting

  • iconRegister to earn
  • iconCancel earning
  • iconHarvesting
  • iconUpgrade farm
  • iconArea will be updated in the next Gardening
  • iconQuality will be updated in the next Gardening


  • iconRegister to earn (skip the current season)
  • iconDestroy plants and lose 10% of area
  • iconHarvesting
  • iconUpgrade farm
  • iconArea will not be calculated for the current season
  • iconQuality will be calculated in the current season

Level / Title

The higher the level, the greater the Reward Rate and the more rewards you can receive.

Reward rateThe reward rate is a measure of farm profitability. Recipe:
Your Harvest = (Total harvest * reward rate) - 10% for people who refer you.
Level / titleThere is no level limit. However, there is a decreasing trend with the density of Farms participating in earning ZO.

There are 4 titles in ZOFI territory: Lord, Noble, Bandit, Farmer.
LordThe Lord has the ability to bring balance to the ZOFI territory. Help prevent Robbers, create jobs for Farmers, increase income for Farms. The Lords were the best rulers of the lands in ZOFI, however the growing power of the lower classes toppled this position.

To reach this title, your Farm needs to excel in Area and Quality
NobleNobles have the ability to bring additional revenue to farms in ZOFI territory. Nobles don't care about how to build their farms, they settle for the basic rewards from ZOFI. They give away most of their profits to other classes and when needed they can become Lords at any time.

To reach this title, your Farm needs to excel in Area
ThiefThieves have the ability to siphon revenue from Farms in ZOFI territory. They robbed most of the revenue from Nobles and Peasants to enrich their farms. However, bandits will quickly be suppressed if many Lords appear in ZOFI territory.

To reach this title, your Farm needs to excel in Quality
FarmerFarmers contribute a small part in generating revenue, but they are still the most exploited class in ZOFI territory. Farmers will mostly be subject to taxes from the Lords and robbed of most of the revenue from their farms. Farmers work for Nobles and Lords to receive rewards for their farms.

This title is default title and given to farms whose parameters do not meet the average standards set by the project.

Investment plan

Enter investment parameters to analyze possible profits received during the current season.